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FUSAA Ltd.About Us

“The services offered by FUSAA is something that you always hear about but seldom actually see. Unlike other businesses we are all about customer service and our focus in on the future. Technology today is advancing at a spectacular rate, and we are all here trying to catch up. FUSAA recognizes the need… the need for everyone in Trinidad & Tobago   to have access to computer technology, so that we can all ride the wave of the future.”


But still……. what is FUSAA ?

FUSAA is an idea. An idea… no, a dream of three young entrepreneurs… We the founders of FUSAA thought… what if we simply built a computer to the best standards, sold it for a reasonable price and our main goal isn’t profit, but to benefit our clients with excellent products, knowledge and even teach some business experience to the youths of our country.

Now how does all this happen from building and selling computers?

They’re quite common right? Everyone sells them! It’s simple. We at FUSAA have incorporated into our business several other businesses and business ideas, making us a well-rounded multi-tasking operation.   “We don’t just offer the best computers and computer related components at the best rates, we offer access to the internet via our very own internet café, we offer to custom build computers unlike any others in Trinidad & Tobago… Some of our other Services include computer repairs, maintenance and system networking, among other things.”



Now who are we? Do we even know what we are doing?

We, the founders of FUSAA, have each been given a first class education in computer technology and have undergone several years of both hardware and software experience in both public and private fields of work. Each of us also have experience teaching computer studies and working publicly and privately with tech support, systems analysis and business systems. So don’t worry, with FUSAA, you’re in good hands.   Unlike most businesses, we’re not going to boast that we’re the cheapest, or the best bargain, or the best deal, because let’s face it; most businesses just say that to deceive, impress and draw in the customers. We at FUSAA know that we’re going to have to earn your trust and we’ll work hard to do just that. We’re going to boast that we have the best quality products, excellent customer service and premium computer packages that can be customized to suit every customer! We would not sell you the cheapest computers made from inferior and substandard parts and we would NOT even sell you good computers at ridiculously high prices.   “We at FUSAA are all about quality… quality at the best price to suit our customer’s needs with the best service a company can offer!”





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